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"I never once had to pay for a hostel, and instead was fortunate enough to meet so many new people around the globe I probably would not even have run into on campus. And, believe me, there really is an odd and certain charm to sleeping on a makeshift bed on an already cramped floor, and the friendships you find on such nights are truly unparalleled."
"Because of Playbook, I was never truly alone, even though I was traveling by myself. In almost every city I visited, I met up with other students who accompanied me to museums, offered me a place to stay, or joined me for a meal. Summer Playbook helped me make friends from all over the world, but most importantly, it enabled me to feel safe in foreign countries and empowered me to fulfill my dream of traveling across Europe!"
"Without a doubt, Playbook gave me the chance to find a best friend for life, and I am so thankful that I was able to make someone else feel like they belonged and were welcome in a new city hundreds of miles from home."
"Through Playbook, I made one of my best friends at Penn; and that summer as I enthusiastically acted as his tour guide across Trinidad and Tobago, I also rediscovered the beauty and uniqueness of my homeland in ways I had never seen it before, because I was showing it to someone else!"
"I met three friends from Playbook and they organized a trip to Jaipur for the three of us, which was a ton of fun! It was really nice to have a network of students my age to get me through the summer in a foreign country alone for the first time."