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Real Life is Better

Summer Playbook is an online community of young people (typically college students but also recent grads) around the world who want to get offline and hang out in person.

Created by students for others, Playbookers from over 140 universities use our site in thousands of cities across 128 countries.

You can find friends and roommates, but also give out tickets of the tour de france, go to concerts, backpack across Europe, or reconnect with pals. We love it that way. Playbook’s like that great Tom Hanks line, a 'Box of Chocolates.' Wanting to bring a little more humanity, fun, and old school special effects, we took up building Summer Playbook—a place we hope it’s ok to reach out, meet new people, and assume best intentions with new friends while also keeping in touch with the old.

We’re not a dating app, or likes. We’re a neighborhood hangout, a barbecue going, where you roll up in a dated sweater, see some new faces and some old. You know some people, you don’t know others. Play some frisbee, have some chat, and maybe, just maybe you meet someone you really like. That has to happen in person. We built Playbook to enable these moments that can’t happen on a screen.

We hope you dig the experience, and help us make it better. Have fun, don’t be a prick, and come hang out if you’re out in CA. We hope you have an amazing experience, and join in making something really special for everyone.

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