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TechCrunch Feature
Mar 9, '18
Hot off the press at TechCrunch, check out their article about Playbook! "YC-backed Playbook wants students to make plans online, hang out offline"
Check out our app!
Feb 15, '18
Our new mobile app is out! We're releasing it slowly, starting with students at Harvard so we can iron out bugs and make sure we have something people really love before expanding. If you'd like your school to be next, sign up to be a campus ambassador!
Playbook is going mobile
Dec 23, '17
We're working on a mobile app packed with exciting new features to help you and other Playbookers get in touch, hang out, and share your experiences. We'll have an early version ready the first week of January, reach out to try it out!
Holiday cards sent out
Dec 15, '17
Playbook's only as good as the friendships it fosters and stories it creates, so today we hunkered down in Hicks House to write thank you cards for everyone who sent us a summer story.

We received such wonderful story submissions! It was a great reminder of why we make Playbook. Here's a couple short snips -- check out the map for way more!
"Playbook was the sense of community I needed"
"we are at this current moment, and have been throughout the summer, best friends all thanks to Summer Playbook"
"We met for a brunch and a few weeks later, skydiving!"
"A full on rave erupted on the streets"

Wishing good luck on finals and the happiest of holidays to all!
We're moving to Palo Alto
Dec 6, '17
We seem to have stumbled into some funding! Catch us in the bay area starting this January as we work full-time to make Playbook the best way to meet friends and peers on campus and around the world. If you're around, get in touch and come visit our office!